Lexi Tallisman, DESIGNER

Greyscale Interiors is a bespoke full-service interior design firm committed to authentic aesthetics that speak to the client's lifestyle.  

Lexi Tallisman, originally from Cleveland, moved to New York
in September 2001. After two years of living in a sparkly, new high-rise, she moved downtown to a quintessential SoHo loft (now a B&B), realizing it would only feel like New York if she lived in an building with original character. Since
then, her two other apartments have been old lofts, loving all of
the quirks that come along with.

Lexi spends her weekends at her farm in the Catskills with her little Brussels Griffon, Rambo, Greyscale Interiors' mascot. She is an avid ballroom dancer and furniture enthusiast.